Technical ryder


THE MEDITERRANEAN PAINTER OF SILENCE is a dramaturgy without text that brings us closer to the magic of the stage through movement, masks, dance, plastic arts and puppet and object theatre. An exciting creation based on the work and personality of the great contemporary Mediterranean artists. The company Terra Teatre has soaked up the creative sense of these artists and wanted to bring this art to the territory of the stage. That is why we have connected ourselves to the land, surrounded ourselves with young people and lived a great dream in which performers and audience share a magnificent journey of emotions and creativity.

Open your eyes wide and enjoy this dream!

5. Mengem cervelletsR

Artistic team

Direction and dramaturgy: Jordi Hervàs Solà.

Performers: Gal-la Hervàs Vela, Fina López López, Guillem Hervàs Vela.

Puppets and masks: Martí Doy.

Puppet costumes: Paulette.

Video: Dan Ortínez.